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Welcome to the English site of fimt.

As it gives a brief overview of the fimt it has less features than the German site.

For further information about the study program please follow the link to the chair in Music Theater Studies at Bayreuth University (in German).

Castle ThurnauWelcome to fimt.

The Research Institute for Music Theater Studies (Forschungsinstitut für Musiktheater or “fimt”) in Thurnau, Germany, is an international center of academic excellence pursuing studies and research in opera and the wider spectrum of music theater studies.

Housed in a historic castle in the Franconian village of Thurnau, fimt is located closely to Bayreuth, where the world-famous Wagner-Festival takes place every August. Founded in 1976, fimt today, is recognized for its research, publications, collections, academic staff and innovative symposia. The Institute hosts a unique and internationally frequented library, housing over 40.000 items specializing in the field of opera and music theater.

fimt was the initiator and editor of the „Enzyklopädie des Musiktheaters”, the resource, that has become the standard reference in theory and practice covering 400 years of opera and music theater history. The Institute is part of the University of Bayreuth where the fimt academic staff teaches to guarantee a close relationship between research and university programs.

The head of the Institute, Prof. Dr. Anno Mungen, also holds the chair of Music Theater Studies at Bayreuth University, further reinforcing the strong connection between the two academic centers.

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