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Research and Education hand in hand

Bayreuth University is one of the youngest and most innovative universities in Germany. As a result of the reformation process within the European university system, Music Theater Studies are now taught within three new programs: the BA “Theater and Media” (“Theater und Medien”), the BA “Music Theater Studies” (“Musiktheaterwissenschaft”) and the joined MA and PhD program “Music and Performance” (“Musik und Performance”).

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Bachelor Musiktheaterwissenschaft (in German)

Master Musik und Performance

Doctoral programme Musik und Performance

All courses are taught in German.

Our “Music and Performance” program especially opens up the traditional topics of opera studies to the field of music and theatrality in a broader sense. Not only opera, operetta, musical and dance, but also film, all types of audio-visual media as well as different styles of performances are subjects of study and postgraduate research.

With its specific academic approach, fimt contemplates both new trends in western music culture and management as well as the actual demands of the job market. At the same time, we give the opportunity to study the performing arts with a focus on music examining the various methodical approaches.

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